Held at Emberton Country Park. 11 am start – lasting approx two hours. £8 per dog.

Basic training exercises for concentration and a walk around Emberton Country Park. Suitable for all dogs over 8 months but please contact Helen prior to coming if your dog has any aggressive tenancies.


Next Group Focus Walk Dates:

Sunday 15th September 2018 – 11.00 @ Emberton Country Park

This is not a socialisation event and dogs are not to approach each other. The session gives you the chance to work with your dog around other dogs where you may not normally get the chance. Helen uses basic training exercises for parts of the session and pairs the dogs accordingly.


It is highly recommended that you have a one to one with Helen before attending if your dog has any aggressive or reactive tendencies, this way you will be able to get more out of these sessions. This is a chance to work around other dogs by practicing techniques used in one to ones.


Dogs of all temperaments join Helen for the group focus walk, some need the consistency and opportunity to work around other dogs, others come to top up training and because they enjoy it! Many of the dogs attending these walks have no real problems and just enjoy the group training. It is essential for some clients to join this group training exercise; these dogs may have aggression issues.


This is a group training session, if you would like to have individual help or work with your dog please contact Helen for a one to one behaviour session.


Contact Helen before coming if your dog has any aggression issues to discuss whether the event would be suitable for your dog.


  • Please bring treats and poo bags with you!
  • It is advised that you bring water with you for your dog.
  • You are responsible for your own dog.
  • If you have an aggressive dog please ensure they wear a muzzle at all times.
  • Extendable leads are not allowed to be used during these training sessions. Please bring a short lead with you for the Group Focus Walk. It is an outside venue so please wear appropriate clothing.
  • No choke chains or half chokes allowed.
  • No spray bottles, shaker cans, pet correctors or harsh handlin allowed.

Group Focus Walks