Training Classes

Training classes running throughout the week and over weekends. Helping you get the best out of your dog and enhancing your bond. Having a well trained dog makes all the difference. 

Puppy classes running from Level One to Level Three!

Also adult beginner training classes for dogs over the age of 6 months.

Adult Classes

Seven week course – seven sessions (an hour and a quarter each)

Child & Dog Awareness

Covers canine body language and prevention of incidences concerning our dogs

Group Focus Walks

A group session where you can work with your dog around other dogs

Nutrition Awareness

An event talking about obesity in our pets and how we can avoid it

Puppy Socialisation

A chance for your puppy to socialise and learn life lessons with other puppies.

Puppy Training Classes

Positive, calm and enjoyable training for you and your puppy


Various events to give you more insight into your dog’s behaviour.

Recall Session

For dogs who need to work on recall or that have good recall already

Tricks Class

Small training groups teaching basic tricks for dogs of any age.