Pre-Puppy Visits


A home visit for the family before bringing your puppy home.

This session usually lasts approximately an hour and a half. It is best to include at least adult family members and older children.

Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting time but it is important that you make sure you are ready for your new arrival. This covers the journey home for your new addition, the first nights, nutritional advice, toilet training, equipment advice, learning their name, crate training and answering any questions you may have.

Pre puppy visits are great to ensure you are getting off on the right foot from the moment your puppy comes home. This session will help you to build a good foundation for your new puppy from the start.

It is extremely common for owners to leave small problems with their puppy untreated until it become too much to deal with; a lot of problems can be prevented from the outset, this session will help to ensure prevention of problems from the outset.

Although bringing a new puppy home is exciting, it doesn’t come without its worries and stresses.

Helen will ensure you feel comfortable with some of the challenges to come and how to deal with them correctly. Many undesirable behaviours can be prolonged if they are dealt with incorrectly from the start.

Most of the stresses of a new puppy come from being uncertain of how to deal with issues that may arise.

Suitable for both first time owners and experienced owners.

Every puppy is a blank canvas, some owners haven’t had a puppy for ten years plus, these sessions help you to refresh or think of new ideas.

*Prices are as a guideline only. Prices may be subject to increase with location and distance travelled; if unsure please ask when booking. Helen works with clients from anywhere in the UK, please contact for prices.