New Puppy Visits


For new unvaccinated puppies; for the first few weeks in their new home.

These sessions are for puppies between 7 – 14 weeks that are not yet allowed into the big wide world.

Assisting owners of new puppies with many common issues including not settling at night, chewing, play biting, toilet training, jumping up, barking and mouthing.

It is never too early to begin training! Basic commands can be taught in these sessions.

The sessions are held within your home, it is advised that all adults can be available for the session if possible.

The puppy visits are to help you with any problems you may already be having with your puppy and to ease your mind with any questions you may have.

We go through common puppy problems and to teach you to get the best out of your puppy. The sessions can give you lots of little helpful hints and tips to make things a little easier.

It is extremely easy to leave small problems untreated until they become too much to deal with; a lot of problems can be prevented from the outset, this session will help to ensure prevention of problems from the outset.

Building a foundation for you to develop from with your new puppy and their training.

Suitable for both first time owners and experienced owners.

Every puppy is a blank page, some owners haven’t had a puppy for ten years plus, these sessions help you to refresh or think of new ideas. Each consultation is set to your requirements.

Pre puppy visits are available to ensure you have everything ready for bringing your puppy home and to discuss what to do for their first few nights.

* The first session lasts approximately two hours. Prices are as a guideline only. Prices may be subject to increase with location and distance travelled; if unsure please ask when booking. Helen works with clients from anywhere in the UK, please contact for prices.