Puppy Consultation


These sessions are held in your home. It is advised that all adult family members are around for the session. The sessions last approximately two hours*. These sessions are for puppies up to six months of age.

Assisting owners with many common issues including chewing, play biting, toilet training, jumping up, lead walking, crate training, separation anxiety nipping and mouthing.

Sessions are moulded to the requirements of your dog. Whether you are having problems with obedience or just want to further your dog’s training, mental stimulation or learning, these sessions can assist you.

The sessions are moulded to your requirements, helping you to get the most out of your dog.

Every dog has different motivators and ways of learning. Training is not a ‘quick fix’ task; it takes time and effort from all involved along with patience, persistency and consistency.

These sessions are suitable for both first time owners and experienced owners. Every puppy is a blank canvas, some owners may not have had a puppy for over ten years. These sessions will help you to refresh or think of new ideas and methods of training.

It is extremely easy to leave small problems untreated until they become too much to deal with; a lot of problems can be prevented from the outset. This session will help to ensure prevention of problems.

Training techniques and exercises will vary for each dog and their requirements. The breed, age and environment are only a few variations which can affect training and the speed of learning for each dog.


* The first sessions last approximately two hours, longer sessions are available but please inform us that you would like extra time when booking and costs will be advised. Prices are as a guideline only. Prices may be subject to increase with location and distance travelled; if unsure please ask when booking. Helen works with clients from anywhere in the UK, please contact for prices.