Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour consultations are held in your home. A consultation lasts approximately two hours*. It is advised that all adult family members are present if possible; children are welcome to join in.

These sessions can cover a wide range of undesirable behaviours, these may include: Separation Anxiety, Jumping Up, Food Possession, Possessive Aggression and Guarding, Destructive Behaviour, Attention Seeking, Fears or Phobias, Biting, Dog Aggression, Unwanted Toiletting and Car Chasing.

Behavioural problems in dogs are very common but many people adapt their lives to their dogs and just wish they could go for a normal walk or have a stress free night in. This doesn’t have to be a wish anymore – Helen can help to resolve these behavioural issues with you within your home environment.

Helen works on a one-to-one basis to help you and your dog overcome undesirable behaviours. The behaviour sessions are usually carried out in your home and where the problem(s) usually occur. Helen works with positive and force-free methods.

Many behavioural problems in dogs stem from ’normal‘ behaviours. When they are occurring at the wrong time or in the wrong place, it then makes them undesirable to their owners and therefore becomes a behavioural problem.

Dogs can undergo behavioural training at any age.

Training techniques and exercises will vary for each dog and their requirements. The breed, age and environment are only a few variations which can affect training and the speed of learning for each dog. We provide positive, calm and enjoyable training for you and your dog using force-free methods.

Every dog has different motivators and ways of learning. Training is not a ‘quick fix’ task; it takes time and effort from all involved. Training takes patience, persistence and consistency.

If you are looking for help with any behavioural issues, it is best to address this as soon as possible, before the problems have chance to escalate. However even embedded behaviour problems can be resolved.

If you are looking for help after a dog attack, this needs to be acted on sooner rather than later. Lasting affects can take time to show.

It is important to remember that different breeds make training progress at different speeds, it doesn’t matter how long your dog takes to learn, the important thing is that he/she does learn! Positive training is no quick fix!

We currently have a long waiting list for appointments, we advise you book as soon as possible to avoid further delays. If we have any cancellations you will be notified. Weekend and evening appointments have longer waiting times than weekday appointments. We send out initial consult forms prior to your consultation and advise will be given earlier than your appointment where possible.



* The first sessions last approximately two hours, longer sessions are available but please inform us that you would like extra time when booking and costs will be advised. Prices are as a guideline only. Prices may be subject to increase with location and distance travelled; if unsure please ask when booking. Helen works with clients from anywhere in the UK, please contact for prices.