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Helen Neill

IMDT Full Member. BSc Hons Animal Management.

We use positive reinforcement and force-free training methods. Doggiedodoggiedon’t is a canine behaviour and training business based in Milton Keynes.

Working in a unique way with you and your dog; personally working with you on a regular basis, ensuring you have all the support and assistance that may be required. Working at a pace that suits both dog and owner to gain the best results possible.

Behaviour Consultations. Obedience Training. Training Classes. Puppy Socialisation.

“Training with a personal touch.”

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Looking back now, I think my love for dogs grew from my grandparent’s dog Sherry; Sherry was the same age as me and we grew up together.

I always felt I had an affiliation with animals from a young age; with dogs in particular. I believe that my early fascination with animals, over the years, led me to want to acquire further knowledge and understanding of what animals really understood and how they learnt.

I gained seven years of experience within kennel and rescue environments. It was in my early years within kennel work that I decided I wanted to work as a Canine Behaviourist; seeing such potential in so many dogs and the stress that some suffered within kennels. Working alongside troubled dogs over the years encouraged me to follow my passion.

Helen Neill


Sue has joined our team as our Admin Assistant; holding everything together behind the scenes.

Sue is first point of contact for doggiedodoggiedon’t and is in close contact with Helen daily. Sue deals with the emails, Facebook messages, bookings and keeps Helen in order! Sue often joins us to support our events, giving you a chance to meet her.

Zoltan (Seal Boy)

Zoltan is my side-kick, my wing-man; my six year old Hungarian Vizsla. He has had quite a life – we may even write a book!

Zoltan was attacked by another dog at 14 months, this had an understandable impact on him; he became scared of the lead, the dark, going out and he had become very nervous. I focused my time on his training and rehabilitation. I worked with Zoltan and his fears for months until he was back to being Zoltan. We learnt to read a lot from each other and our bond grew stronger. This experience, traumatic as it was, taught me a lot.

Zoltan now helps me with many dogs at doggiedodoggiedon’t; after his attack and rehabilitation, we work together to help other dogs overcome certain fears and behaviors. Zoltan works with puppies, nervous or fearful dogs and dogs with aggressive tendencies… Every Cloud..